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gabriel_gray's Journal

Gabriel Gray
11 June
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The episode "Six Months Ago" reveals that Sylar's real name is Gabriel Gray, a highly talented watch repairman. He encounters Chandra Suresh, who tells Gabriel that he may be an evolved human with superhuman powers. Gabriel eagerly submits to testing. After being rejected by Suresh because the test results are indeterminate, Gray contacts another person on Suresh's list, Davis. Gray discovers that he himself has the power of intuitive aptitude, and murders Davis for his telekinetic powers. After returning to Suresh, he becomes "Patient Zero", and continues to work with Suresh until Suresh realizes that Sylar is murdering the people that they meet.

In "Villains", Hiro sees Sylar's life shortly after the murder of Brian Davis. Intensely remorseful over the act, Gabriel attempts to hang himself. Elle Bishop walks in and saves him by using her electric abilities to cut the rope, convincing him that he's a good person. However, she is actually working with Noah Bennet to get Sylar to reveal the method behind transferring powers from one person to another. Elle befriends Gabriel and the two begin to share feelings for each other.

Against her wishes, Elle helps Noah manipulate him to kill again by introducing Gabriel to Trevor Zeitlan, a young man who can kinetically shatter objects by "shooting" at them with his thumb and forefinger. She purposefully enrages Gabriel by having Trevor repeatedly demonstrate his ability by shattering glasses while calling him "special." Gabriel turns on Elle, who tries to stop him from killing Trevor. When Gabriel realizes Elle also has an ability he is furious and pushes her against the wall with his mind commanding her to leave before turning on Trevor and taking his power. Bennet and Elle watch from the car as Gabriel attacks Trevor.

Verses -
rp_shadesofgray - I pick up from right after I kill Trevor. I live with talldarknpsycho, and he is the roommate from hell. I'm in love with empath_peter, and we're exploring our options.
masquerademix - This is a Vampire the Masquerade setting where Gabriel is Embraced by a Malkavian, and forced into the World of Darkness.
heroesreduxrpg - I'm playing, Michael, the possibly dead twin of beastlyinsides. Gabriel is the only one who seems to be able to see me. I don't know if I'm a ghost or an alternate personality for him. But it is interesting.

PM - I'm very sorry, but with the SPAM Videos hitting my message box, I've turned off the option for non-friends to contact me.